The Goal

A corporate well-being and mental health conflict resolution and anti-bullying program

BRIDGE BUILDERS® Corporate equips your staff in the workplace to be resilient, effective communicators and empowered to deal with everyday conflict and reduce bullying.

BRIDGE BUILDERS® Corporate is embedded into the everyday life of businesses and is valuable for:

  • Leadership and management team
  • Human Resources team
  • All staff

The Program

Identifying solutions for your workplace with BRIDGE BUILDERS®

"People skills are so important. Usually it’s not that complicated but unless you have the questions and the techniques and skills, you actually don’t know what to do so you back off. It’s not because you don’t want to help it’s just that you don’t know what to do. If you are a business looking for improved techniques in the workplace, I would highly recommend the BRIDGE BUILDERS® Program"

Andrew, Qld

The BRIDGE BUILDERS® Corporate program focuses on equipping staff with the theory, science and tools to be powerful, positive influencers in wellbeing and mental health.

Conflict Defined:
Conflict is a normal part of life and being part of any community including our workplace community. According to the Merriam Webster, conflict is the mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes or external or internal demands. How individuals perceive, respond and communicate through it determines whether it has constructive or destructive consequences and its impact on work output and culture.

The Impact of Conflict:
Workplaces often don’t explore the significance of the impact of poorly resolved or unresolved conflict.

According to the report “Workplace Conflict and How Businesses Can Harness It to Thrive,” the following statistics demonstrate how pervasive conflict is in the workplace:

85% of employees deal with conflict on some level
29% of employees deal with it almost constantly
34% of conflict occurs among front-line employees
12% of employees say they frequently witness conflict among the senior team
49% of conflict is a result of personality clashes and “warring egos”
34% of conflict is caused by stress in the workplace
33% of conflict is caused by heavy workloads
27% of employees have witnessed conflicts lead to personal attacks
25% of employees have seen conflict result in sickness or absence
  9% have seen workplace conflict cause a project to fail

David Liddle, a leading expert on resolution skills management, states that conflict avoidance is the most commonly used strategy for conflict management in organisations. These organisations were more likely to experience a reduction in employment engagement. Senior managers report over 1 in 5 disagreements are a result of a communication breakdown (TCM, 2017).

The Positive Power of Conflict:

The good news is that conflict does not have to be destructive or negative. In fact conflict can be a sign of a diverse, creative and innovative team. They may have different needs, expectations, talents or responsibilities but if your team can learn respect and to regulate their emotions, understand the power of their thinking, use effective BRIDGE BUILDERS® problem solving skills and communicate effectively, your workplace can be highly successful and creative. The challenge is not to assume that your workers have these skills. There is a growing need and value in embedding skills, understanding and supportive language to equip and empower your staff and workplace not just for a more peaceful working day but in order for your workplace to be key place of influence and outcome.


BRIDGE BUILDERS® could have incredible benefits at every level of your workplace.

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